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* If you don't yet have an account, contact us to get your log in details.

Changing Your Password

You can change your user name and password by clicking “My Admin – Update User Details”.

Placing An Order

After logging in, click on “Place a New Order” and then follow the steps where you will be asked:

  • If the order is Critical (required for an event)
  • The delivery address
  • Quantity to send


Critical Orders

If you choose to make an order Critical (because it is being sent to an event), we will monitor its progress very closely and push the courier to deliver the brochures on time and according to the dates you provide.

We may also get in touch with your recipient to get their assistance in clearance or delivery (so please provide their email address when ordering).  There is no extra cost for Critical orders.

Special Labels

For Critical Orders you can add a special label to the order – this will be printed out by the warehouse and attached to each box (this is not available for Non-Critical orders).

Multiple Orders

If you are sending the same quantity to multiple pre-loaded addresses in the system, you can choose the “Mailout” function and send the orders simultaneously.


When you get to the “Address” screen you’ll find the agent’s nick name in the drop down box. Select that and it will populate the address fields. If the agent is not listed, you can paste the address detail in the blank fields and click “Yes” for “Add address” at the bottom.


When you get to the “Products” screen you’ll be able to enter the quantity you need to send. Note that when you place an order you place it for individual quantities. So if you enter ‘4’ you’ll get four brochures, not four boxes.

You’ll see a quantity that is available to order.  This may be less than the total amount in the warehouse if a specific amount has been reserved for you.

Despatch Times

Orders placed today will be despatched the next working day.

However, if the order is urgent we may choose to expedite it (no extra cost).  If you are concerned about the short delivery time, you can always contact us and ask us to expedite it as well.

For Non-Critical orders (those that are not for events), we may despatch these later than the next day if there is high volume of orders (Critical orders will be given priority).

Transit Times

Subject to customs, most orders can be delivered within 4-5 days after despatch.  However, as a good general rule we recommend allowing 10 days for delivery.  This helps in case the order gets stuck in customs or the address is incorrect or the recipient inadvertently refuses the shipment.  10 days is usually enough time to solve pretty much any problem that can arise.