Unlike in other parts of Vietnam, Hanoi customs require extensive documentation from the recipient in order to clear shipments through customs.  

This requirement always leads to extensive delays and in some cases the abandonment of shipments.

Things to keep in mind when shipping to Hanoi:

  • It will take weeks to complete customs clearance (usually 2-3 weeks)
  • Not every recipient has this documentation and hotels will not provide this documentation.

The only exception we've seen is for very small consignments - less than 2kgs.  These may go through without clearance processing.

We strongly recommend that if you need materials in Hanoi:

  1. Send to an agent that you know has the necessary import licenses and motivation to help you.  Do not send directly to a hotel.
  2. Send to Ho Chi Minh and then arrange for the materials to be sent or carried from there to Hanoi.

If you have any more information or suggestions, kindly raise a ticket to share with us.