Department Admins can allocate amounts of stock to specific User Groups (teams) in Edgistic at My Admin > Products > Product.

It's important to remember that the amount you allocate to a team is the amount reserved for them - meaning that other teams cannot use that amount - but any amount of stock that is unreserved is available to all teams.

In practical terms this means that:

If 10,000 brochures have been delivered and 50 have been reserved for Team A, then Team A will be able to order the amount reserved for them plus the unreserved amount i.e. 50 + 9,950 = 10,000.

However, if Team B has 500 reserved, then the unreserved amount will be 9,450 and:

  • The amount available to Team A will be 50 + 9,450 = 9,500
  • The amount available to Team B will be 500 + 9450 = 9,950

We think it is a good idea to allocate any unreserved stock to a Central Ordering account that you control.  In this way, each team only has access to the amount reserved for them.