How much does it cost?

These digital showcases and the Showcasing App are free for everyone to use.

How can I use showcases?

Use them at events to conserve printed material and for sharing videos of student testimonials and campus tours together with course content.

Counsellors can use them to create personalised flyers for students or as a portal for getting up to date information.

How can I distribute showcases?

You can use the Showcasing App on the browser on your phone to

  • Create a link for sharing on messaging apps.
  • Create QR codes for sharing from your phone or printing on flyers or posters.
  • Send showcases by email.
  • Create 'Show Codes' for anonymous sharing at events if the recipient is not familiar with QR codes .

What's the difference between the "Showcasing App" and a "Showcase"?

The Showcasing App is the tool you use to make showcases from the available content hosted on the app.

A Showcase is a unique combination of bits of content which can be accesses via a URL.

Is there anything to download?

No.  The Showcasing App is browser based.

What content is available?

The Showcasing App hosts re-purposed college content that is publicly available in your brochures and flyers, on your website, on video channels (YouTube, QQ, Youku, Vimeo) and other social media including Facebook and Instagram.

What happens when a bit of content is replaced?

Any bit that is replaced e.g. Fees or Key Dates is automatically replaced on every showcase that has ever been shared. It means your showcases can never be out of date.

More questions or want a demonstration?

Open a New Support Ticket to get help.