*** Required Date (Earliest) is optional.

When placing a Critical Order you will be asked to provide the latest date that the order can be delivered.  We call this the Required Date (Latest).

As you can see, you also have the option to enter the Required Date (Earliest).  This is the earliest date that you want it delivered.

When the system sees you have entered a Required Date (Earliest), it will calculate the transit time to the destination and then try to ensure the shipment does not arrive before the earliest date.

As a result, the system may hold an order in "Open" status until the optimum time to transfer it to the warehouse.

What is this feature for?

This allows you to place orders up to 6 weeks in advance of your events, but ensure that the brochures do not arrive too early and get overlooked or lost at the agent's office or in the hotel.

So for example, if it is the beginning of the month (1st) but your event is on a the end of the month (30th), then you can place the order today and set the Required Date (Earliest) to the 20th.  The system will then hold the order until a date closer to the 20th, say the 14th, before transferring it to the warehouse.

*** But keep in mind: Required Date (Earliest) is optional.  If you just want it delivered, leave that field empty.